What You Should Know About Bovine Colostrum

Bovine colostrum is something that you would call a pre-milk substance that comes out of the breasts of mammals before the real milk comes. It’s sticky and yellowish, however, it is more nutritious than the main milk with higher amounts of antibodies.

If you search for “bovine colostrum” online, you will see that there are several brands of bovine colostrum products. Unless if they were specified as all-natural colostrum, they are actually man-made by vaccinating cows against specific disease-causing organisms. The colostrum produced contains the antibodies to fight the specific disease they were vaccinated for. This type lab-made pre-milk is called hyperimmune bovine colostrum. Now you might be wondering what it’s used for.

They are used to treat diarrhea caused by AIDS, graft versus host disease in patients who have had bone marrow transplant, and diarrhea caused by the rotavirus in children.

As a drug, hyperimmune bovine colostrum has been granted by the Food and Drug Administration orphan drug status, which means that any company that invests bovine colostrum research for the purpose of developing drugs to treat rare conditions can sell drugs for seven years without competition.

Currently, there are several companies that are selling different types of bovine colostrum products, including Pure Science Supplements and Sovereign Laboratories. Both companies sell products that are said to be powerful aids in digestion, like lactobacillus is, although there are products in their line that are said to improve athletic performance. Their products cost between $20 to $40 per bottle.

If you are like most people having digestive problems, you are probably wondering if you should buy a bottle of bovine colostrum. And we like to say that you can, but you should not set your expectations to too high. Yes, you can experience some benefits if you are experiencing diarrhea, however, depending on the cause of your diarrhea, it might not work for you. Specifically, it does not work in diarrhea caused by Shigella bacteria.

Also, it has been proven that bovine colostrum is not as effective when taken orally. We don’t know why this is, however, if you are serious about trying out this product, make sure to get a pack that has an improved bioavailability.

All in all, bovine colostrum is one of those products that you can take regularly as a supplement. So far, the FDA has not issued any warning against it, although it has not made any judgments on its effectiveness. But then, the best people to judge on whether or not a product actually works are the people who have been using it.
Thus far, the bovine colostrum products we found on Amazon are highly rated products, with one product having an average rating of 4.7 stars out of five based on 719 verified reviews. That is high for any product in general. The product we’re talking about is the starter pack by Sovereign Laboratories.

In order to make the most of your bovine colostrum, especially if it’s in powder form, make sure to take it on an empty stomach with water in the morning and in the evening.

Colostrum powder is made with low heat in order to retain its bioactive ingredients. Mixing it in coffee will affect its effectiveness. So, do not mix it with anything hot. Also, do not take it with a protein shake or with a meal because it will also affect how it works. As we said before, bovine colostrum is mostly used to treat diarrhea and if you take it with a meal, the interaction with other food items is definitely affect how far it’s going to go.

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